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Bonneau's School of Taekwon-Do

Traditional Taekwon-Do coupled with practical self-defense


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We train in a family-friendly atmosphere, where you progress at your own pace.  We work hard, but we have fun doing it.  You'll learn something every night, guaranteed!

Bonneau's School of Taekwon-Do was founded in 1997 and has been an active school ever since.  The Head Instructor, David H Bonneau, is a 6th Degree Black Belt who had been training since 1981.  He is a retired Police Officer who spent over 30 years in Law Enforcement, many of those years teaching Defensive Tactics at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy.  He was the primary instructor in the southern Maine area for the pre-service  program, where Summer Reserve Officers received their initial training before working the streets in several of the tourist communities.

2019 Class Theme


 The Class Theme for 2019 is Protecting Yourself.  We will be working on an assortment of techniques to help keep you safe as you go about your daily business.   We will hope for the best, but prepare for the worst!

Each month a different sub-theme is the focus of training.  Some months we focus on the tuls.  Other months we focus on self-defense training, while other months we work specifically on strength and conditioning drills.  Training is varied to make sure students not only get a wide variety of topics, but there is little chance of getting bored.



You will meet new friends and learn a wide variety of practical skills.  We start class with a brief warm-up, preparing your body for the work it is about to do. Then we get right down to business with the nights lesson. 

We do various drills designed to improve skill, coordination and timing. On our specialty nights we practice patterns, sparring, grappling and pad work. Students are encouraged to work hard to improve their techniques.

The History of Taekwon-Do



Taekwon-Do, as it is known today, is a relatively new martial art. The basis for the art can be traced back over 1,200 years ago, but over time the art evolved into what we practice today.

Initially called “Taekkyon”, it was known as a foot-fighting art. However, the Japanese occupation of Korea changed how the art was practiced.  It was forbidden to be practiced, though that didn’t stop everyone. Some left the country to train, others trained in secret. 

After the occupation ended, the martial arts leaders got together to discuss the future of their art. Since it had evolved during the occupation, the leaders were looking for a way to embrace this change. In 1955, General Choi Hong Hi offered up Taekwon-Do as the name of their new art. The name kept the spirit of the previous art alive, as well as being very descriptive of what the new art represented. Translated, Tae means to kick and smash with the feet; Kwon means to punch with the fists; and Do means art. Therefore, Taekwon-Do is the art of kicking and punching!

We follow the teachings of the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) and practice the Chang-Hon pattern set, which consist of 24 tuls (pre-arranged patterns). Each tul builds upon the students ever-increasing skills, and presents new challenges. While tuls don’t directly relate to fighting drills, they are a great way for the student to practice their movements and techniques.

New Students


Ranking System

Though traditional International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) has only two levels to each rank, I have expanded it to include a 5-stripe system.  The first three stripes are your initial rank, and stripes 4 and 5 are the advanced rank within each belt.  You will progress from White to Yellow to Green to Blue to Red and finishing your basic training at Black Belt.  With each stripe, you acquire more knowledge - but it is divided into smaller sections, making the information and techniques easier to practice and retain.


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Feel free to stop by to watch a class any time, or join in and give it a try.  Sample two classes before making your decision, we are confident you'll be hooked if you try it out!

Bonneau's School of Taekwon-Do

Recreation Department, 148 Saco Ave Old Orchard Beach, ME 04064





Kids (ages 8-12) train from 6pm-7pm.  Adults (ages 13 and up) train from 7pm-8pm.

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