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Bonneau's School of Taekwon-Do

Welcome to Bonneau's School of Taekwon-Do martial arts


Self-Defense Classes

Our self-defense classes are designed to teach some basic concepts and techniques geared towards surviving a street encounter.  The majority of the class is spent on situational awareness and preparation, with some easy-to-learn and practical techniques added in.  It's not realistic to think that a one-time 2-3 hour self-defense course could adequately prepare someone for a street encounter, so it is encouraged that participants join an actual martial arts school, or take additional self-defense classes often.  With any physical skill, repetition is important, so participants need to continue to train as often as possible to retain their skills.

Participants are encouraged to wear their regular everyday attire, as that is what they would be wearing should an attack suddenly happen.  This will give a more realistic look at how a self-defense encounter would transpire.

Classes can be done to accommodate anywhere from 2 - 20 participants.  Couples, families, small business or corporate events can be scheduled.  

This class is a good introduction to self-defense for high school-aged people, as well as for people getting ready to head off to college or enter the workforce.

Contact the Instructor for more information on times and pricing.